what we do

We make you a #Pro.

Here at Pro Fitness we strive to bring you all the equipment you require for your training, along with the expertise to coach you with the equipment should you require it. 


Everything you need

Weight lifting

2X Lifting Plates                   Incline, Decline and Flat Bench
3X Squat Racks                     3X Adjustable Benches
8X Olympic Bars                   2X Chest Press Machine             
1X Hex/Trap Bar                     2X Cables 
1X Safety Squat Bar              2X Cable Lat Pull Down  
4X Fat Grip Bars                    1X Plate Loaded Lat Pull Down
1X Easi Bar                               1X Seated Row
1X Smith Machine                 1X Shoulder Press Machine
1X Leg Press                            1X Leg Curl 
1X Leg Extension                   1X Plate Loaded Calf Raise
1X Adductor Machine          1X Abductor Machine
Dumbells From 4kg To 50KG


3X Treadmill’s                          1X Lateral Trainer
2X Stair Master’s                     2X Rowing Machines
1X Exercise Bike                      2X Air Bike’s
2X Cross Trainers                   2X Skiergs 

functional training

2X Log Press                                   Wall Balls 3kg-9kg
5X Different Plyo Boxes               Slam Balls 3kg-12kg
2X Battle Ropes                             Weight Kegs 10kg-30kg
2X Weight Vests                             2X Sledge Hammers
2X Tractor Tyres                              Pull Up Rig
3X Prowla                                         Dip Station
1X Sledge                                          Hurdles
Kettlebells From 6kg to 32kg


3X Showers                                  Weighing Scales
Toilet Facility                               Fresh Protein Shakes
2X Vending Machines               Coffee Machine
Bag Room