Pro-fitness Cardiff

about us

A welcoming gym to everyone.

A facility like no other in Cardiff. Typically a Strength and Conditioning facility at first glance, until you look a little deeper and find this is a hub, for many different people. 
We utilise the space we have to try and accommodate many different activities as we understand all people are different, Pro Fitness is a Therapy centre of sorts – more often than not being used to maintain Mental Health, after being brought to the forefront via one of our resident Personal Trainers ‘ It’s Me Pookie ‘ after documenting her struggles with mental health and weightloss – Also Cardiff’s ONLY Plus Sized Personal Trainer. Weekly classes with  trainers who not only understand but that are suffering with all types of mental health issues (from anxiety to depression, ADHD and everything in-between) are available, there is always someone here that you can talk to should you need to.
Pro Fitness provides a base for Kalah Wales – an Israeli combat system committed to helping the fight against knife crime, offering Free workshops for youngsters, keeping the children off the streets and providing a place they can gain knowledge and form strong bonds with their peers, plus always having a strong male presence – which some children may not have in life.
Pro Fitness is also a facility that runs workshops for children at weekends (parent or guardian must be in the vacinity), we combine light bodyweight workouts with fun – this helps them with an outlet for the excess energy, allows the endorphins to flow which is ultimately decreasing any problems mentally, allows them to make friends, gives them some knowledge of exercise – but also allows us to let them know there are people that care and they can talk to should they need.
We have a zero tolerance policy to bullying or discrimination of any sort, we are also a mentor scheme for anyone that is in need of a mentor – regardless of age, gender, shape or size.
This is a home from home, there is something accessible for all ages/abilities, it is a judgement free zone, a Therapy centre. We have Massage Therapists, Personal Trainers, Mental Health Advocates, Self Defence Experts, Boxing Coaches, Dance Classes, Childrens Fitness Clubs.
We are also currently looking into local team sponsorship – watch this space.

Always Something Going On.


All our equipment has been carefully selected for our members to ensure they receive everything required for their training needs.  

womens night

We offer classes and group training with the aim to make fitness something we can all benefit from together. Where friendships are forged along with developing fitness, strength and health.

Khala meeting

We offer a wide and diverse range of personal trainer’s to aid with our members development. We have selected our group of trainers as they offer a diverse range training discipline’s to ensure we can cater to YOU.